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Those that go down to the Sea in ships, that do business in great waters,
these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep

In the Shipping World it’s Common to say..., you’re Agent Your Way... 

OPEN SEA (PELAGOS) MARITIME & CONSULTANCE LTD, now within the Inclusion of an Inspectors-Surveyors Team, who has be arises the complete attendance of our Clients.

This web site is designed to provide you with a background of our company and also facilitate communications via the internet with our new e-mail addresses.


For the last twelve years, Open Sea (Pelagos) has acquired and outstanding reputation amongst Owners and Charterers worldwide. With offices in the key shipping or commercial centers of Brazil, the company is active in the Quite whole Brazilian coast, attending almost all the major Brazilian ports, as Salvador, and the nearby ports of Aratu-Madre de Deus-Ilheus-Aracaju-Recife-Suape-Maceio-Natal and Cabedello, and also Ports of Santos – Rio de Janeiro and nearby ports of Sepetiba and Angra dos Reis, – Paranagua and the nearby Ports of Itajai and imbituba,and also at the Ports of Rio Grande and Porto Alegre,within our presence or the presence of our representative Team-Which are trained exclusively to serve our customers and our own special way and differential with much dedication and responsibility  Thus being able to service the majority of Brazilian Ports. In addition our continuous success has enabled us to expand our network to Brazilian Companies as well as Petrobras and others.


In these regions, traditionally associated with complex conditions for shipping, Be taking in consideration that in most of the Brazilian ports because of several companies that carry its own cargo ships when there are a line up right and correct, since in lack many times charge, or lack of space in the Port/Pier warehouse or shippers are not honoring the Port´s charges/taxes in time, and thus their Cargoes passes behind .Because to this fact, the vessel´s attendance becomes very tenser, accurate and special attention and care must continues with 24 hour basis is being made to avoid additional expenses like the arrival of crew before berthing of the ship, hotel and permanence in the port.Open Sea (Pelagos) management and staff are especially proud of their ability to solve the sometimes-special problems encountered by Owners and Charterers. Pelagos,operates under following standards:
· Experience 
· Fast and reliable responsiveness 
· Personnel committed to excellence 
· Resources and resourcefulness 
· Personal care 
· Round the clock Service 
· Efficiency & accuracy


Our Commitment to You


The success of Open Sea (Pelagos), is the result of many factors. The most important one being the personal dedication of its management and staff. In a business characterized by round-the-clock, global operations,Pelagos believes that in order to be effective for their clients, the readiness to go beyond the call of duty is imperative. Combined with the exhaustive knowledge of local laws and regulations, conditions, culture, authorities and business relations,they are well suited to overcome almost any problem. Pelagos has implemented the ISO system in their every day operation. 


Open Sea(Pelagos)makes every effort to keep up to date with the Shipping Industry's developments, both locally and internationally, by maintaining its membership and participation in the Brazilian committee, among others in the Shipping Federation of Brazil,and in addition to the participation in international presentations, organised by the Brazilian Authorities.


Pelagos' Management keep always to our Clients full informed, also assists in the exchange of vital information, and in the ease of our Clients' pre and post fixture pre-occupations.

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