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Agency Services in Cargoes: 


Have attended vessels loading or discharging:

  • Break bulk, bagged.

  • Forest products, pulp and paper products 

  • Bulk cargoes of Cotton Seeds, Cement,Petcoke, Concentrates, Fertilizers, Grain, Scrap,Iron / Steel Products,Sugar and Sulphur. 

  • Crude, Clean and Dirty Petroleum products and other liquid cargoes,also Petrochemist Products as well. 

  • Containers

  • General Cargoes Vessels/Products



FOG/CC/FOG Liquided
Cleanliness Inspections Fibres
FOG/CC Grains
FOG/CC Soft foods
Operation Supervision Fibres
Operattion Supervision Grain
Operation Supervision Liquids
Operation Supervision Soft/Foods

Governments &Institutions (Customs)


Cargo Scanning Systems/Calculations/Shipment Accompaniment
Customs Support Services-Draft Surveys
Pré Shipment Inspection-Import Verification



Flow measurement & provet Calculation
Purging & conditioning
Quality Inspection & Control
Ship Tank Calibration
Shore Tank Calibration 
Ullages Cargoes Quantity Calculation



Imported Vehicle Inspection and Verification CIVIDOff-Leasing and Off-Rental Supervision.



Damage Report-InService-Repairs-Maintenance



Class Representatives Services
Cranes lifting and and hoisting equipment Inspection
Dye penetant ExaminationHigh and low Voltage Electrical Installation 
High and low Voltage Electrical Installation Inspection
Positive Material Indentification
Supply Chain Expeding // Can be Indicated
Supply Chain Loading Supervision 
Supply Chain Quality Assurance & Quality Control Inspection 
Supply Chain Shop Inspection 
Supply Chain Vendor Surveillance 
Coating Inspection 
Ultrasonic Testing//Can be Indicated
Delivery/Redilivery Certificats Surveyors 
Condition Survey

Shipping-Mineral & Steel products


Draft Survey Bulding materials and aggregate
Draft survey energy materials & Minerals
Draft Survey Non Ferrous metals and minerals 
Draft Survey Industrial Minerals 
Laboratory Services Energy materials &Minerals/to be Indicated 
Sampling Energy materials and minerals 
Sampling precious metals and minerals 
Visual Inspection Building materials and aggregates
Visual Inspection Energy materials and minerals 
Visual Inspection Fertilizers and Dry chemicals 
Visual Inspection Geochemical materials 
Visual Inspection Industrial minerals 
Visual Inspection Non ferrous metals and minerals 
Visual Inspaction Precious metals and minerals 
Visual Inspection Steel 
Visual Inspection Steel making raw materials
Weight Determination Building materials and aggregates 
Weights Determination Energy materials and minerals
Weight Determination Fertilizers and Dry Chemicals
Weight Determination Geochemical material 
Weight Determination Industrial minerals 
Weight Determination Non ferrous metals and minerals
Weight Determination Precious metals and minerals
Weight Determination Steel 
Weight Determination Steel making Raw materials.

Acting as:


· Owners Protective Agents - With full satisfactory results because to our combination in attendance as Agents//within an excellent relationship with local Port Authorities, and also as Surveyors/Inspectors// within our direct involvement with vessels cargoes quantities/qualities, thus keeping a totally balance to a smooth and safe Vessels attendance as well.


In case of Crew changes our equivalent TEAM can proceed with such services at all Brazilian ports assuring you the Guarantee of the Services  within a safety Crew and representatives Movements accly.


In case of spare parts – Spare parts have long been a difficult part for a ship´s Offices business in Brazil. In this point and after our big efforts and our good connections  we have succeeded a most easier way to transship them, clear from Customs and delivery on board,and for any Brazilian port.


Spare parts have long been a difficult part for a ship owner’s business in Brazil. With this short guide we will aim to make it easier to transship them, clear from customs and deliver them on board.


·  Owners/Or Chartrs/or Receivers/or Buyers Representatives - When no margin from the Office(Owners or Chrtrs or receivers or Buyers) to send up a Representative person, we  can act and protect the ship at all times and situations that need taking in Consideration que our activities as surveyors - besides agents - has to offer us very good connections to all Port Authorities (PSC) Class surveyors, surveyors Flag - SNE I Club - ITF etc..


· Bunkering Agents - At Salvador Outlet Roads-by a small bunkering vessel-Within a Quick/safe and without exaggerate costs(No compulsory for tugboats and Pilotage services)also when Vessel at Cargoes Piers Berth(Salvador by Bunkering Barge-//-Aratu only at Pier TGS, and with a side berthing of a small bunkering vessel-//-Madre de Deus by Shore Bunkering Line).Also we can offer a Supervisor/Surveyor Services for Liquid Cargoes Quantities-Guarantee and Quality/Sampling as well.IFO :Available Types 380-180-120-80-within low sulphur about 0,5% and temp.48o-55oC.Also MGO : Availability on temp.28-32oC.


At other Brazilian ports Bunkering may be supplied always by the Care of PETROBRAS Brazilian oil Company (The 01st one  Biggest Company in South America and the 08th one biggest Oil Company in the World).


· Emergency call Agents - Assuring you for a quick/safe/economical attendance as well.


Brazilian Ports:


Pelagos is plugged into the shipping communities and has many contacts with authorities of Brazilian ports. As proof of its reputation and professionalism we can service and assist owners, managers and charterers with any requirements on Brazilian Coast Ports all handed by our head offic.


Surveyors//Inspection Services:


Our Capt. Giannis Ioannou and Mech. Engineer Jose Sobrinho , who have worked as Marine Superintendent Operations Managers,and also as Marine Inspectors and Surveyors for 15 years,have attended vessels loading or discharging the cargoes mentioned above,but also in a lot of Bunkering operations,thus can assisting any vessels Port operation to becames smoother and without further misunderstandings between shore/vessel as well within the ofer of the following Inspections/Surveys Services:

Chartering Services:


Have fixed and have been involved in fixtures of :

  • General Cargo vessels with/or not cranes.

  • Break bulk, bagged, project, heavy lifts and reefer cargoes

  • Forest products, Pulp and Paper products,or Petrochemical Products.

  • Bulk cargoes of Cement,Cotton Seeds,Coal,Coke//Petcoke, Concentrates, Fertilizers, Grain, Scrap,Iron Steel, Sugar and SulphurCrude, Clean and Dirty Petroleum products, Chemicals, Vegetable Oils and other liquid cargoes.

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